The Helpful Hen
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The Helpful Hen

A Farmyard Tale of Kindness and Friendship

Meet the Helpful Hen, a kind-hearted hen who loves to help all the animals on the farm. Every day, she wakes up early and goes around the farm checking if any of her friends need assistance with anything.

From helping cows stuck in fences to retrieving lost toys from muddy puddles, there is nothing that The Helpful Hen won't do for her fellow animals. Find out how this special hen became everyone's favorite friend at the farm!

The Helpful Hen’s Morning Rounds

Once upon a time, on a farm far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, there lived many animals. There were cows that mooed, pigs that snorted, ducks that quacked, and sheep that bleated. All these animals had their tasks to do every day.

Illustration: The Helpful Hen's Morning Rounds

But among all the animals was one special hen - the Helpful Hen! She loved helping others and going above and beyond to assist them. Every morning she would wake up early to start her rounds around the farm.

The other animals knew they could count on her for anything they needed assistance with. If someone needed help finding food or water or if an animal was feeling unwell - our protagonist was always ready to lend a hand (or wing!).

As soon as she woke up in her cozy little coop decorated with flowers picked by herself ,the first thing she did before anything else was take stock of what each animal might need throughout the day . Then quickly making notes in her journal so nothing got forgotten ,she set out on her rounds .

She’d greet everyone cheerily asking how they slept last night ,if they have any chores pending which require help etc ; listening carefully while jotting down everything important . And then off she went straightaway doing what needs doing without wasting time !

And so began another day of adventure at this happy-go-lucky farm where everyone co-existed peacefully under Helpful Hen’s watchful eyes .

The Cow’s Stuck Tail

It was a beautiful morning on the farm, and all the animals were going about their daily routines. The cows were grazing in the pasture while the pigs were rolling around in mud puddles. But something strange caught Helpful Hen’s attention.

Illustration: The Cow's Stuck Tail

She heard a loud moo coming from nearby, and she quickly went to investigate. As she drew closer, she saw that one of her cow friends had gotten her tail stuck in a fence post!

The cow was struggling to break free, but it was no use. She continued mooing for help but no one could hear her cries except for Helpful Hen who immediately sprang into action.

Without wasting any time, the Helpful Hen rushed over to see what was wrong with her friend. When she got there and saw what had happened, she knew exactly what to do!

With quick thinking, our protagonist ran back to her coop and grabbed some feathers from under her wings which acted as cushion . She returned to where the cow stood trapped with feathers between beak , gently pulling at it like magic until finally freeing its tail !

The cow let out a happy “Moo!” as soon as it felt relief after being saved by Helpful Hen .

From then onwards ,the two became good friends sharing mutual respect towards each other !

The Helpful Hen to the Rescue!

The Helpful Hen was making her rounds on the farm, checking up on all her animal friends, when she heard a sad noise. She followed it until she found Piggy snorting and grunting by a muddy puddle.

Illustration: The Helpful Hen to the Rescue!

”Hello, Piggy! Why are you so sad?” asked the Helpful Hen with a smile.

”I lost my favorite toy in this puddle,” replied Piggy as he pointed to the murky water. “But I can’t get it out myself."

"Don’t worry,” said the Helpful Hen reassuringly. “I have just what we need to solve this problem!”

With that, she pulled out some special shoes from her backpack that had rubber soles perfect for walking through mud without getting stuck or slipping off feet. Carefully putting them on, our protagonist waded into the dirty waters like a superhero , determined to retrieve Piggy’s toy!

After few minutes of searching around ,the hen finally spotted something shiny at the bottom of puddle . It was indeed piglet’s toy ! With quick movements and much effort ,she managed to bring back his beloved plaything .

Piggy was overjoyed and gave her friend a big hug .”Thank you so much!” he exclaimed happily.

”It was my pleasure,” responded our friendly helper with glee.”I’m always happy when I can help my friends.”

And thus ended another successful rescue mission by none other than The Helpful Hen herself!

The Helpful Hen, Everyone’s Friend!

Word about the Helpful Hen’s kind and compassionate nature spread throughout the farm like wildfire. Every animal was amazed by how she always went out of her way to help anyone in need. Soon enough, everyone started calling her their friend, including animals who had never even spoken to her before.

Illustration: The Helpful Hen, Everyone's Friend!

One day a small bunny got lost while playing with his friends near the edge of the farm. No one could find him no matter where they looked! Even though it was getting dark, all the animals knew that there was only one person who could help them - their dear friend, the Helpful Hen.

Without wasting a second, they called out for her: “Helpful Hen! We need your help!” Within moments, she appeared on the scene with a smile on her face and a friendly demeanor that put everyone at ease immediately.

“Don’t worry little bunny,” said our protagonist reassuringly as soon as she saw him crying softly under some bushes . “I’ll find you safe passage back home.” She then took out a map from her pocket and showed it to everyone around so they could guide themselves on how to proceed further .

With skillful guidance from Helpful hen ,the Little Bunny returned home safely within no time !

Deep down inside every animal whispered among themselves : “We’re lucky we have such an amazing friend in our lives.”

As days passed by more animals patted themselves on their backs thinking what would they have done without someone like helpful hen being there for them !

The Helpful Hen is Appreciated

It was a beautiful day on the farm. The sun was shining brightly, and there was a gentle breeze in the air. All of the animals were gathered together, waiting for something special to happen.

Illustration: The Helpful Hen is Appreciated

Suddenly, they heard a clucking sound coming from behind them. It was the Helpful Hen! She had arrived just in time for the celebration.

All of the animals cheered as she made her way to the front of the group. They knew that without her help, things might not have turned out so well on their farm.

The cow spoke up first. “Thank you so much for helping me when my tail got stuck,” she said gratefully. “I don’t know what I would have done without you!”

The piglet then chimed in with his own thanks. “And thank you for getting my toy back from that muddy puddle!” he exclaimed happily.

One by one, each animal shared their stories about how Helpful Hen had helped them and how grateful they were to have such a kind friend on their farm.

As all this happened our protagonist blushed with happiness but also felt proud . She realized that sometimes even small acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life .

Finally, after everyone had finished speaking and expressing gratitude , it was time for some fun!

The animals played games together like tag or hide-and-seek while snacking on delicious treats provided by none other than Helpful Hen herself! Everyone laughed and giggled; caught up in joyous moments brought about by simple acts of kindness which strengthened bonds between friends .

From then onwards whenever anyone felt sad or needed help ,they knew who to call -the ever-helpful hen ! And thus ended another memorable day at this happy-go-lucky farm where everyone looks out for each other .

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